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Unbeatable Personal Self Storage in Matlock and Chesterfield

April 12, 2021

-with additional insider storage tips

If you’re looking for household storage, try and find a company that matches your requirements and has a welcoming response when you contact them. Using storage might be second nature to someone who understands the industry, but many people enter into this with little to no experience. That’s no problem for our team – we’ll guide you through each stage to make sure you feel comfortable with the process.

At Matlock Storage, we have a comprehensive Personal Storage package that ticks all the boxes. We add a lot of features to our packages to ensure it covers as many situations as possible. You’ll also have staff to assist with information and when loading or unpacking. This blog will detail our self storage services with some additional insider storage tips.

Self Storage for Households in Matlock and Chesterfield –

If you’re thinking of how it works for households, storage has lots of benefits. It’s ideal for people who want to create more space while organising and decluttering their home. Self storage can be a simple and effective way of doing this, and many of our customers see it as an extension of their house or apartment.

Storage is also crucial for emergencies. Even if you’re not renting a unit now, you’ll always know there’s an option to protect your possessions. An example would be a delay in a moving date which leaves you in between properties. This is where self storage becomes crucial, and we’ll do everything to ensure we can help.

Another clever use of self storage is downsizing from a larger property without getting rid of your items. Our Personal Storage package is ideal for smaller buildings with limited storage provisions. You can move to a modest house or apartment and keep belongings. And there’s unlimited access during opening hours, making it straightforward to pack and unload.

Matlock Storage has a range of storage rooms of various sizes, all individual locks and pin codes. We take security seriously, and our branch has complete CCTV monitoring, in addition to an alarm system and other related safety measures. There’s no safer or more secure way to store your valuables than with Matlock.

Some Insider Additional Self Storage Tips –

You should create a list of everything that’s going into your storage unit. This will help you identify where your possessions are at a glance, and it’s handy for insurance purposes. We’ll say this more than once – label every box and container. Use dust sheets for all furniture and appliances and wrap table and chair legs to avoid damage. You should wrap fragile items in protective packaging, such as bubble wrap. Use specially designed storage boxes for china, pictures, and electronics.

Make sure fridges and freezers are defrosted fully before storage; where possible, keep doors ajar. Also, don’t forget to use the space inside for extra storage. Drain all water from washing machines and dishwashers before putting them into your storage room. Ovens must be clean to avoid any mould forming and to make sure they stay in perfect condition. Clean garden equipment before storing and ensure lawn mower storage tanks are empty.

Seal every box entirely with packing tape to keep out dust. Buy new, sturdy boxes and containers to avoid issues with collapsing when stacking. It will help if you also create an aisle down the middle of your storage room to give you access. Furthermore, you can add shelving to your storage room to create additional storage options.

Try to leave things that you frequently need near the exit. Store items you’ll need most often at the front of your unit. A reminder to label all boxes clearly on several sides to avoid confusion. The last thing you’ll need to do is calculate the value of the goods you’re storing. Check-in with your insurance broker to confirm your coverage is up to date and valid for the purpose of using self storage.

Matlock Storage – For All Your Storage Needs –

At Matlock, we believe that everyone can benefit from using self storage. That’s why we’re an inclusive company, and we keep our prices low so more people can store with us. Many people who rent a storage unit during their move to the area keep it after the relocation concludes. This is because using storage is convenient and creates more space in the home.

Matlock is the best self storage company in Matlock, Chesterfield, Bakewell, and the surrounding areas in Derbyshire. We have customers who use our storage facilities instead of providers in their location because of our high standard of customer service. From your very first call or email to us, we’ll do our utmost to provide relevant and helpful information.

If you’re looking for great value personal self storage, please contact us today. You’ll find affordable prices and excellent customer service by choosing Matlock Storage.