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The Pros and Cons of Running a Business from Home

October 12, 2021

There’s been a resurgence of activity over the last five years when it comes to starting new businesses. Some of this will undoubtedly be a consequence of the pandemic, but it also highlights a shift in attitudes. The idea that having a salary has a built-in safety net is slipping away from what people believe. That’s through a combination of numerous examples of poor HR practices and the rise of remote working.

At Matlock Storage, we work with start-ups and SMEs every day to know their concerns. We firmly believe in providing the best information to help people realise their ambitions and goals. That’s why we want to highlight a few pros and cons of running a business from your home. That way, you’ll be able to see whether it aligns with your situation, and you can start your own enterprise in Derbyshire.

The Pros of Running a Business from Home –

To make sure our customers and followers find the answers they’re looking for, we’re approaching this topic from more than one perspective. That’s because Matlock is pro-business, especially when people start their ventures. With that in mind, we’ll pick some valid reasons for using your home to work from and any related benefits that comes with it.

Cost is an excellent place to start – why add commercial rent to your outgoings? You can create an enterprise and work from your garage if you need to produce goods. By doing this, you’ll save money on overheads, and have a small bit of storage. Plus, there are few barriers to getting things off the ground rather than stalling because of financial limitations.

The rise of remote working means overall improvements in technology and communication software. The E-commerce sector is viable for newbies, and plenty of online sources to upskill for free are available. It takes more work than you might think to meet the day-to-day requirements, but don’t let this put you off. It’s more about doing plenty of research and understanding there’s hard work involved.

It will help if you also get in touch with the council to see what resources they offer. You might be able to get some start-up funding and other information. The East Midlands Chamber often promotes networking events and has additional resources to help you kick things off. Plus, you should read our previous blog here about setting up a start-up.

The Cons of Choosing to Work from your House or Flat –

An e-commerce enterprise works well as an example because of its multiple functions to consider. A more traditional setup will require plenty of places to store stock, goods, and any materials. This is fine if you have a large garage or space in the loft to utilise. However, most of us don’t have much to spare, and we end up sacrificing living spaces.

You’ll also need to check if there are any legal issues to consider when working from or using your home for business purposes. Double-check if you are liable to pay business rates before setting up. It’s unlikely your neighbours will cause a fuss if you’re on good terms. But it’s worth factoring in an increase in traffic for collections and deliveries.

One issue remote workers sometimes note centres around the subject of productivity. It can sometimes be too easy to slack off and procrastinate when working from home. You’ll need more discipline when using your house or flat as your workspace. Also, there might be additional problems with distractions from family members or general noise issues.

Matlock Storage – Providing Impartial Storage Advice –

There is another option to consider – using self storage as your primary workspace. Many customers use our facilities to run their businesses, and it’s growing in popularity amongst the small business community. That’s because of the security it offers for your products and equipment. And you won’t have to worry about any of the cons listed in the previous section.

Matlock Storage doesn’t just champion new companies – we work with them to help them begin their journey. We enable this through affordable storage rates and top-notch security measures. You can also find regular deals to reduce costs further and have a healthy cash flow. It all adds up to the perfect environment to start a business.

You’ll need to create a business plan that should be fully costed. Click here to request a free quote and add self storage as part of your strategy for your new business venture.