Starting Your Own E-commerce Company in Derbyshire

October 30, 2018

Starting your own business is a challenge that offers many rewards for those who are willing to put the work in and make the brave move into being a business owner. With fewer jobs on the market, it’s a trend that many more people are following. You can set your hours and create your own strategies. Although it’s a lot of hard work, the benefits of being the boss can outweigh the extra effort.

If the lure of starting your own business has caught your attention, you might be looking around for a suitable industry to work in. The e-commerce sector is thriving, and it’s relatively easy to enter. All you need is some start-up capital and a solid concept. It’s always a good idea to start planning your business while you’re still working. Then you’ll have plenty of time to save up and do plenty of research.

Top Tips on Creating Your Own E-commerce Start-up –

Start saving now – it’s not just easier to find a job when you’re in one, you can also save money towards your future enterprise. All you need to do is work out how much you can afford to set aside each month and transfer that amount every month into a savings or separate account. Preferable one you can’t readily access. You should also think about how much money you’ll need to live off during the first year of your company.

Affordable workspaces– start to do some initial research on the rates for commercial rental by area and property type. You need to understand what sort of building you need for your business. Will it be customer facing? Do you need an office and a warehouse? Is prime location and passing custom vital? List everything you can on the sector you’re planning on working in. e.g., an e-commerce company will be unlikely to need a store in the city centre but will need plenty of storage space and a simple office for admin.

Overheads– now that you have a handle on the typical commercial rental rates for your e-commerce start-up, it’s time to work out some costs. You need to start putting together a business plan as early as possible. And now that you have some basic figures, you can populate it with that information. You can now update your list to include as many overheads that will apply to your enterprise as possible. And don’t skimp on anything – you can always take out information that isn’t relevant later.

Outsourcing vs in-house– if you’re not savvy with things like social media and basic accounting, it’s time to tackle that now. Buy a couple of general guide textbooks and look up some online tutorials. Why? Because you’ll be doing a lot of the marketing, sales and admin yourself in the first year of operating. This might sound daunting, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. And you can eventually outsource them both when you have more funds.

Start-up schemes– see if there are any schemes from the government or local municipality to assist you with your start-up. Some areas have new business accelerators and networking events where you can meet with possible investors. This is where a robust business plan with projections is essential. Even if you’re not the best at pitching an idea, an investor will want to see your research and understanding on your market.

The Advantages of Storage and SMEs in Derbyshire –

It might be a lesser known trend, but there are a growing number of entrepreneurs and start-ups that use storage units as their base or operations. And this suits the e-commerce sector perfectly. You just need to think outside of the box a little to understand the potential of a storage unit.

A storage unit is a fairly basic space that people use to store their possessions or business products. But that space is open to interpretation. What would happen if an e-commerce company were to a storage unit as their company stock room? Then, they put in a desk, a computer, a router and a filing cabinet? Well, the answer is simple: you have a fully operational e-commerce office and mini depot.

And for people who live and work in Derbyshire, Matlock Storage has everything you need to create an alternative and affordable workspace. We have a free receive and dispatch service, onsite mailbox rental, free Wi-Fi and parking, and convenient loading bays. And just as essential – tea, coffee and WC facilities. After all, we all need a morning coffee to start the day off.

Matlock – Your Storage Partner for Your E-Commerce Enterprise –

Matlock Storage works with SMEs from Matlock, Chesterfield and all over Derbyshire. Many people travel to use us instead of using storage providers in their area. That’s because of our dedication to customer service and the quality of our storage facilities. Our reputation is known throughout Derbyshire, and we gain new customers via referrals from happy clients.

At Matlock, we understand that a friendly staff member who cares about your business goes a long way. We’re flexible and will always strive to assist with any changes to your circumstances, such as moving you to a larger or smaller unit. We have excellent business storage options and onsite facilities to help make your storage unit a possible place to work from.

The e-commerce industry continues to perform well and add to the local and national economy. Not only that, it’s possible to mix business and pleasure by selling items that suit your hobbies and interests. It’s time to take the initial steps towards your future goal of running your own business.

If you’re looking for a place to start your enterprise, contact us today. We guarantee that you’ll thank us for helping you find an affordable workspace.