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Starting a New Business in Matlock and Chesterfield

November 30, 2020

Starting a new company or business venture is always an involved task, regardless of how big or small the idea is. You might think it sounds ludicrous to suggest doing anything like this during a pandemic. Surely no one would, or should, create a new project or enterprise while a lockdown is happening?

Strangely enough, the answer will surprise the more cynical ones reading this. The pandemic is an excellent time to start a new business. But you’ll need to keep in mind that this won’t suit everyone’s situation. We’ll go into more detail about why the lockdown shouldn’t hold your ambitions back.

Is It Possible to Start a Business During the Lockdown?

Yes, it’s possible to start a new business venture, no matter what level of pandemic response we’re in. There are some obvious things to consider, in connection with how involved the creation of the business would be. For example, you would be fine starting an online e-commerce storefront, but it would be a massive ask to set up a construction company.

One of the advantages of doing this during a lockdown is a lot of people and companies have quieter periods. You might have more time on your hands than you’d like to at the moment. Why not turn this into something positive? And this isn’t a random ‘what if’ type of topic we thought of. In a recent article, Small Business note that ‘[b]etween June and August, an additional 59,358 new companies were created’, and they expect at least 85,000 before the end of 2020.

This doesn’t mean setting up a business from scratch is straightforward. Even things like passive income and side hustles require plenty of research to be successful. That’s why a lot of people work their normal 9 – 5 while planning their own project during lunch breaks and when they get home. Another thing people often do is save a percentage of their wage to build up some start-up capital.

If you’re looking for some pointers on what you can do now to make progress, you can contact the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce. They’ll have resources for you to investigate which might include funding opportunities. And depending on what sector you’re moving into, it’s possible to stick to a manageable budget by partnering with Matlock Storage.

Using Self Storage as Alternative Office Space –

Hopefully, the previous section was a useful introduction to the idea of setting up a business venture during the lockdown. Now we’re going to consider something more tangible when it comes to creating an enterprise. One of the things you’ll need to consider for your project is how you’ll do it, and where. For those who plan to do something small-scale, it’s probably easy to do this from your home.

If you need a dedicated place to work, a growing trend in the SME and start-up community is using a self storage unit as an alternative workspace. For many brand-new companies, the cost of commercial rental is a non-starter. In comparison, renting a self storage room is drastically cheaper and makes things far more accessible for modest budgets.

The concept is simple – all you need is a desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet, and an internet router. Matlock’s storage rooms have electricity, and there’s plenty of on-site amenities to cover your basic needs. Some of our clients partition their storage unit into separate sections to utilise the space well. It’s also possible to rent more than one storage room to dedicate to specific tasks.

There are numerous benefits to using a self storage unit as an alternative workplace. Ultimately, the cost-effectiveness might be the difference between a good idea that fizzles out or an actual start-up enterprise.

Matlock Storage – Helping New Businesses in Matlock and Chesterfield –

Matlock Storage works with several new businesses every year in various industries. We like to encourage feedback and get to know our customers. It makes us more approachable if they know our team members. But it also helps us determine if someone needs our assistance. And we strive to make sure our customers receive the best customer care possible.

2020 has been difficult, but we think good things often happen from challenging situations. That’s why the lockdown presents a potential for any would-be new business owners to emerge. The Matlock team is an active part of the business community in Matlock, Chesterfield and Bakewell, and we also work with companies from all over Derbyshire. Our storage services are ideal for new enterprises, and we hope to work with many more in the coming months.

If you want to know more about how self storage can help your new business, please contact us today. We have affordable storage options to take your idea from concept to an actual new venture.