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Self Storage When Dealing with Bereavement

July 12, 2021

There are some subjects many of us understandably prefer not to think about, but none the less they’re important. One of them is trying to deal with the estate of a family member or friend after they pass away. Due to the circumstances, it can make some of the practical side of things more difficult to initiate. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a storage company that understands the situation.

Working with Matlock Storage will give you the additional space to store things while you go through this process. It’s also easier to keep everything in one place rather than spread out to get enough storage. We’ll use this blog to go into more detail about how to make the first inquiry contact and what happens from there. You’ll have a quote at hand to give you an example of the costs, as well as a storage package suggestion.

Using Self Storage After a Bereavement –

It’s never an easy subject to discuss, and we wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone. The reason we’re talking about it is due to the numerous examples from our previous customers. For the person whose role is to oversee the estate, there’s often a need for storage. And it’s nearly impossible to do this at home, for space issues and other more personal reasons.

The main benefit of doing this is having somewhere secure to store everything in one place. This extends beyond simply avoiding theft but also to prevent damage. It’s not always obvious, but dampness can warp objects if it seeps in. And even one loose tile can allow in enough moisture to cause problems. That’s why using storage makes sense.

Matlock’s self storage units have environmental controls, and we can eliminate conditions that lead to overheating or dampness. Everything will stay in the same shape they went into the unit in. That means you can be confident every item will be protected, leaving you to deal with other practical tasks that you’ll be busy with.

Affordable Personal Storage Services –

An issue that also happens in this scenario is spiralling costs when storing large volumes of furniture and appliances. That’s why it’s essential to understand your budget and keep to it. Not only that, make sure you’re working with service providers who are transparent and don’t apply hidden fees. The last thing you want is to book a service, only to then receive a higher price.

Matlock Storage has an open and honest approach to every service we offer. We assess your inquiry and provide a free quote, and that’s what you’ll pay. From there, we’ll discuss the most suitable storage package that we believe fits your situation. Then we leave it with you to see if it works for you, with no pressure to book with us.

On top of below-market rates, we regularly run discounts per season and if there are any quieter periods. We have a free move-in van for local collections and drop-offs. Furthermore, we won’t be beaten for value and have a Price Match Guarantee in place, where we’ll match any lower quotes. It all adds up to an affordable experience with a storage company that cares about our customers.

Matlock Storage – Where Good Advice and Compassion Matter –

Some situations will take a toll on us, both emotionally and physically. That’s where a reputable storage company makes a huge difference. Taking some of the hands-on tasks onboard will reduce any additional stress, giving you time to deal with the rest. Plus, you’ll need to spend more time with your family and friends during this painful period. 

The Matlock Storage team knows that compassion goes a long way when you need to use a service provider. There’s also a need to trust and have confidence in the people you’re booking with. We can keep costs low and act as problem solvers should any issues arise. There’s no minimum contract to worry about – store with us as long as you need to.

The Matlock team is only an email or phone call away. Click here to request a free quote, and we’ll go through the assessment process with you.