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Self Storage and Sustainable Households

November 22, 2021

If you’re thinking of organising your home soon, there are lots of ways to reduce clutter and keep doing so regularly. The only problem is, some of the ways of decluttering aren’t that environmentally sound, and a lot gets thrown away. The main aim is to create space but do so ethically to avoid things going into a landfill. We believe this is possible by using self storage and improving your habits.

Storage is an excellent way of deciding what you choose to keep because you’re no longer shoving things out of sight and mind. You’ll also be able to clear space in your house and outdoor areas, making it possible to use for better purposes. We’re also a greener storage provider, and we strive to reuse or recycle wherever we can. Here are a few things to consider when moving towards an eco-friendly household.

Going Green and Becoming a Sustainable Home –

Whether you were already on board with fighting climate change or still unsure about everything, Cop26 is now in the national mindset and raises many questions. Now more than ever, it’s hard to ignore the need for sustainable improvements in our society. While this is true, it’s not always as clear what action to take. At Matlock Storage, we’re always looking for ways to increase our commitments to becoming a greener storage company, and we’ll provide pointers in this blog.

The best place we can begin this journey is at home because it’s where we have the most direct influence. It’s also where much avoidable waste happens, and there are options to suit all budgets. As a country that endures plenty of cold weather, we’re heavy users of heating. And we lose shocking amounts of this resource through things like poor insulation and structural problems.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get an energy audit to check on your current insulation quality and boiler efficiency. If you prevent heat loss, it might save you hundreds, possibly even thousands of pounds per year. Similarly, changing your boiler to an eco-friendlier option will improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Then there are some cheaper ways to reduce your negative impact on the environment. By replacing your incandescent lights with LEDs, you won’t have to buy new ones as frequently, and they consume less energy. You can also reduce your energy usage significantly by turning off lights when you leave a room and appliances by the socket at night.

How Self Storage Helps Greener Solutions –

It doesn’t matter what action you decide to take; it’s time to approach things differently in general. There are lots of benefits of recycling and reusing items rather than consigning them to the landfill. With a bit of creative thinking and the will to act, it’s possible to find ways to repurpose most things. With this in mind, you can organise and declutter your home in an environmentally responsible manner.

This is where self storage becomes a crucial component of your journey towards a greener home. The idea is to declutter thoroughly once to organise everything, then to keep on top of it every month. And there’s a sustainable way of removing clutter where nothing goes into the bin. Instead of throwing things away, see where you can sell or donate items that are in good condition. If not, it’s a case of repurposing for alternative use or recycling everything else.

Another lesser-known cause of energy waste is a poorly organised house or apartment. If lots of boxes and containers take up space, it might take more energy to heat your home. That’s why reducing clutter and having more space leads to better energy use. And if you open up more room in your back garden, you can create a compost bin for all your grass cuttings and organic waste. Self storage is an essential part of greener ethos because it’s the best method of creating more space in your home.

Matlock Storage – Create More Space with Self Storage –

By using self storage, it’s possible to enjoy more room and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Similarly, if you start applying better habits, you’ll soon find that your family and friends follow your lead. And there are other areas you can turn your attention to, such as avoiding single-use plastic and choosing reusable shopping bags. Once you calculate your carbon footprint, you’ll see other ways where you can make further improvements.

Climate change affects us all, and Derbyshire has its share of stark reminders that should prompt change. We’re in a flood warning area, and rising sea levels will only increase this issue. Every action we take has a consequence, so the result will have positive outcomes when we go with greener options. And when it comes to simple things like turning off lights and appliances, it’s within everyone’s power to make the necessary changes.

Matlock Storage is a greener storage provider, and we’re doing our part by repurposing, reusing, and recycling at every opportunity. Click here to request a quote or discuss how self storage can help you declutter and organise sustainably.