Commercial Storage

Rethinking Storage: Unlocking the Advantages for Landlords and Tenants

January 27, 2024

Whether navigating the tight student life budget or making strides in the property market, Matlock Storage covers your storage needs. Are you eyeing a cosy new build or juggling the complexities of family life in suburbia? You may be a successful landlord overseeing a portfolio of properties.

No matter where you stand on the property ladder, Matlock delivers a tailor-made self-storage solution. We’re all about giving you the room to carve out your space, whether you’re the most modest renter or the wealthiest landlord in the neighbourhood. And hey, if you’re also a genuinely kind soul, consider it a little extra perk.

Increase Your Living Spaces with Storage

Navigating cramped living spaces as a tenant or managing the intricacies of a family home often feels like a puzzle. In apartments, household storage cupboards can quickly become a battleground for space. There is no need to consider costly upgrades; leverage the flexibility of Matlock Storage instead. Many view storage as a solution and a lifestyle choice – delve into the details in our previous blog.

Imagine having an inventory that meticulously tracks every item, ensuring you control your storage domain. No more frantic searches for misplaced belongings; with Matlock Storage, you’ll always know where to find what you need. Consider storage an extension of your property, offering flexibility on your terms and allowing you to store and retrieve items conveniently.

Landlords, Landladies and Housing Associations Benefit from Storage

Matlock collaborates with landlords renting out single or multiple properties to tenants. For these property managers, storage isn’t just an extra space; it’s a vital component of their business, offering cost-effective solutions for storing furniture and appliances. Some landlords even partition their units, creating a dedicated area for a straightforward office space to handle administrative duties.

Matlock’s business services go beyond storage – we accept deliveries at our reception, and there are additional options for document archive storage. Personal mailboxes are also available, providing you with an official address and effectively making your storage unit a functional base of operations. 

The best part? It’s a more economical alternative to commercial rental costs without the burden of a cumbersome 12 to 24-month lease to worry about.

Matlock’s Self Storage Unit Size Guide

At Matlock Storage, we offer a range of unit sizes, spanning from 10 sq ft to 250 sq ft, ensuring a perfect fit for every storage need. For most domestic customers, the sweet spot lies in units ranging from 30 sq ft to 75 sq ft.

10 sq ft to 20 sq ft – Telephone box or wardrobe

A 10 sq ft unit is akin to a telephone box, ideal for those with a modest number of possessions. Opt for a 15 sq ft unit for a decent-sized wardrobe, whereas a 20 sq ft unit becomes the same as a walk-in wardrobe. Smart choices for homeowners or renters maxed out on household storage.

25 sq ft to 35 sq ft – Garden sheds

With 25 sq ft or 5-ft x 5-ft rooms similar to the space inside a small garden shed, progress to 30 sq ft for a medium-sized shed, and reach 35 sq ft for a large garden shed. This space is not just for tools but also becoming adequate for professionals stacking furniture with clever spacing.

50 sq ft to 75 sq ft – Transit/Luton vans or 1-2 bed flats

For business needs, consider 50 sq ft for an entire Transit van’s contents and upgrade to 75 sq ft for a Luton-sized capacity. This size range is perfect for landlords managing multiple properties, accommodating the equivalent of a 1-2 bed flat.

100 sq ft to 125 sq ft – Single garage or 2-3-bed house

Dream of reclaiming your garage with 100 sq ft or go for 125 sq ft, fitting the contents of a 3-bedroom house. You can unpack a 7-tonne lorry into our 125 sq ft units.

150 sq ft to 175 sq ft – 2 Luton van or 20-ft- shipping container

Consider 150 sq ft or 175 sq ft, equivalent to 2 stacked Luton vans or a 20-ft shipping container. This size range can accommodate the contents of a 3-4-bedroom house.

200 sq ft to 250 sq ft – Standard double garage or 4-bed house contents

Fully reclaim your garage with 200 sq ft or run your property rental empire; for oversized items, our 250 sq ft units have you covered. Similarly, the larger sizes cater to people with spacious detached houses.

Combing storage units for custom sizing

Lastly, we offer the flexibility to combine units for custom sizing, ensuring you have the space you need. And don’t worry if your situation changes because upgrading or downsizing is a breeze, making it a frictionless experience. Choose Matlock Storage for tailored solutions that evolve with your needs.

Matlock – Storage Unit Size to Match Your Needs

At Matlock Storage, we’re committed to finding the perfect-sized storage unit tailored to your unique requirements. Likewise, it all begins with a straightforward assessment, kickstarting the process through our online platform or reaching out to our dedicated team for a more comprehensive evaluation. We believe in making storage convenient and affordable, offering discounts and financial bonuses to ensure you get the most value.

Whether you’re a tenant yearning for additional space or a landlord searching for a budget-friendly workspace, Matlock Storage has the ideal storage package crafted just for you. Furthermore, our flexibility extends beyond the initial choice – you can easily upgrade or downsize your units as your needs evolve.

Ready to explore your storage options? Click here to start the conversation, and we’ll promptly provide you with a free quote. Also, we now offer an Extended Hours service – please ask for more information.