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Reasons Why People are Trading the City for Bigger Properties in Matlock

January 14, 2021

Since lockdown, there’s been a growing trend of people leaving bigger cities to relocate to smaller towns and villages. London and other major, urban locations are losing their natives, vast numbers of whom are heading off in search of something better. Many of these evacuees are looking for a better quality of life larger properties with gardens.

There are some excellent options in our very own Matlock. Indeed, our team is already working with several local removers every week. With a new development in the works and plenty of houses here to choose from, there’ll almost certainly be one that’s right for you. So let’s take a look at the ways in which storage can come in useful when you’re moving.

Why Are People Leaving London and Other Urban Centres?

It’s the Covid-19 effect, of course. At the outset of the first lockdown, thousands of people discovered just how restrictive their flats and houses became when they were consigned to them around the clock. They began to wonder, and rightly so, just what they were doing living in such a cooped-up fashion when there were alternative options out there. And so the trend of city-dwellers fleeing for the countryside (or small towns and villages) began. It’s a side-effect of coronavirus which shows no signs of abating, with Londoners in particular looking for the outdoor space and elevated quality of life that can only be acquired by leaving the city.

Finding the Ideal Property in Matlock

After that gruelling 2020, people want something better in 2021 – and for many of them this entails leaving the big cities of the UK for a more spacious and peaceful existence elsewhere. And when a big relocation takes place, storage becomes more useful than ever. That’s where Matlock comes in. We know the storage industry like the backs of our hands. Every week, hundreds of people are escaping the bigger cities in Derbyshire as well as, of course, the capital and the other urban areas of the south. For people living in city-centre flats with no outside space, the lockdown was an ordeal far more grave than that endured by people in the countryside. Consequently, young professionals, families and even retirees have had enough of urban existence and are looking to rebuild their lives in rural town and villages.

In addition the range of properties already in Matlock, there are new developments springing up, such as Matlock Spa, attracting plenty of interest from the formerly city-dwelling newcomers. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new-build five-bed or something more traditional, we’ve got it here, and all at better value prices than you’re ever likely to find in a big city.

The Benefits of Self Storage when Moving Home –

Self storage comes in useful at almost any and every stage of a move. Sometimes, you have to move out before your new home has become ready for occupancy, staying in temporary rented accommodation or with family. In those situations, storage gives you an affordable solution to the problem of what to do with your belongings. Then, once you’ve exchanged keys, all your belongings will already be in Matlock, so retrieving them and getting them into your new home will be easy. Storage is also useful when you’ve decluttered prior to selling up and identified things you don’t need to keep under your roof but which you’re not yet ready to throw away.

Matlock storage gives you total security and unwavering peace of mind – our units are condensation-safe and fireproof and we use unbeatable security systems and precautionary measures. Whether you’re using us for household or business storage, you’ll soon discover why we’re our area’s number one choice. We have decades of experience in the storage market, we understand how difficult long-distance moves can be and we’ll guide you through the storage process so that you end up with exactly what’s right for you.

Matlock Storage – The Peak District’s Favourite Self Storage Company

Everyone at Matlock extends our best wishes to you. We hope you have a prosperous new year.

And if you’re one of the tens of thousands of city-dwellers relocating nearby, we’re here for you, all the way, every day. Our domestic and business storage options make it possible for you to move with confidence.

We work with hundreds of removals companies and will gladly make a professional referral if you’re not sure who to trust. Our team knows how the process works and will happily liaise with your removals providers for a seamless, integrated service. Matlock has customers from all over the Derbyshire Dales due to our excellent customer service – why not become one yourself and discover why we’re so highly rated?

If you’re looking for a reputable self storage service to help with your upcoming relocation, please contact us today. We are here to help make 2021 a fresh start for you and your loved ones.