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Price Match Guarantee for Self Storage

March 9, 2021

Excellent value for people linking a storage and removals service.’

Most people know that storage is a great way to create more space securely, but they tend to think you can’t get several benefits when using this service. It’s either good value or a high standard of service delivery. But why can’t it be both?

Matlock Storage offers self storage that attains the best of both;  affordable prices and excellent customer service and storage standards. And we’ll match any lower quote for storage from a local self storage provider with our Price Match Guarantee.  

Unbeatable Self Storage with a Guaranteed Value for Money Protection –

Matlock’s Storage provides the best personal and business self storage in Matlock, Chesterfield and Bakewell. People often travel to store with us instead of using storage providers in their local areas. That’s because we treat everyone with respect and provide them with enough information to understand the benefits of using self storage.

You’ll notice how friendly, informative and accommodating our staff are from your first contact with us. We’ll assess your requirements in detail, which will include a quotation and storage package suggestion. Every storage inquiry receives a free quote with no obligation to book. It’s also possible to take advantage of our *Free Move-in Van service.

We offer regular discounts and off-peak savings, which is all part of our drive to keep prices low. And if you find something cheaper, we’ll match and undercut it. We make this guarantee because we’re confident we’re the cheapest in Matlock, Chesterfield, Bakewell and the surrounding areas.

But this doesn’t mean a reduction in the quality of our service delivery. Matlock Storage’s team are always available to help unload and pack. We have onsite storage equipment and a broad selection of storage rooms to choose from. It all adds up to an unbeatable self storage service.

How Self Storage Helps People Moving to Chesterfield and Matlock –

A recent increase in people moving to our main customer areas brings us a lot more removal clients. We believe it’s a combination of new housing developments here, as well as a growing trend of people leaving larger cities. People want more value for their money, bigger properties, and a front and back garden.

Chesterfield and Matlock are attracting new residents from places like London and other cities in Midlands and Southern England. And storage is ideal for anyone who is moving and needs somewhere secure for their belongings. There’s no better way to safeguard your possessions than using self storage, and we have packages to suit everyone’s situation.

For people moving their things before they relocate, storage provides you with somewhere secure to keep everything until you arrive. Everything will be waiting for you and will be safe with us. We have plenty of experience with taking care of people’s belongings when they send them ahead. We’ll liaise with your removals provider to ensure our services link successfully.

Matlock Storage – Where Affordability and Excellent Customer Service Meet –

Everyone at Matlock Storage works hard to meet our customers” expectations and requirements in full. It’s all about matching specifications with the right storage package, and we have various options to choose from. Assessment is a crucial part of this, and we keep our prices low so more people can use storage.

It’s not a case of picking a good value for money or a high standard of service when it comes to self storage. When working with Matlock Storage, you get both when working with us, and we work hard to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. And we have a Price Match Guarantee in place to make sure you always receive the best value for your money.

If you’re moving soon and need a self storage provider who puts customer service first, please contact us today. We have storage services suitable for every situation.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to discuss.