Commercial Storage

Preparing Your Belongings for Storage

January 29, 2020

Self storage is an excellent way to make more space at home, and it offers complete security for your belongings. Storage is also an affordable option for both households and businesses in Derbyshire. People often ask us for advice before they pack everything up in boxes and put into a storage unit.

Is there a certain way to prepare things for storage?

What’s the Best Way to Pack Your Belongings for Storage?

Here is a list we suggest you follow before packing your possessions for storage:

  • Buy new boxes or plastic containers. Used boxes from the corner shop or supermarket are usually damp or damaged. Buy some sturdy original boxes. Additionally, plastic containers are also an excellent way to protect your possessions.
  • More packaging for fragile pieces. It will help if you take extra care with fragile pieces. Each box should have lots of packaging and remember to label the contents of each box.
  • Clean everything thoroughly. Mould is transferrable and can spread to other items without contacting. So, clean everything and make sure they’re dry before packing for storage.
  • Vacuum seal clothes. If you are keeping clothes in storage, you should invest in vacuum-sealing equipment. It eliminates air that can cause mould.
  • Don’t use plastic bags. The materials most carrier bags or bin-liners use can increase humidity which then causes moisture. That’s ideal conditions for mould and mildew to grow.

Create an Inventory of Your Possessions as You Pack –

At Matlock Storage, we always ask our storage clients to put together an inventory of their possessions before storage. The reason for this is for accountability and ease of reference. This is similar to the idea behind a relocation. It gives us an accurate volume figure and description of your items, and you’ll always know what’s in your storage unit.

Additionally, creating an inventory master list makes it easier for us when suggesting the most suitable storage package and unit size. We can then provide you with a free quotation with no obligation from you to book. Then you’ll know the exact costs of using storage with our promise that there will be no hidden costs.

You can also use your inventory to share with your insurance provider, which is what a lot of our customers do. Furthermore, it’s possible to download a free app to do this. Most apps are easy to use and allow you to save all your item information with photos and text.

Matlock Storage – Your Holistic Storage Solutions for Matlock, Chesterfield and Bakewell –

Matlock Storage works with hundreds of people every week in Matlock, Bakewell and Chesterfield. Their reasons for using storage range are always different, which is why we treat everyone on their individual specifications. Matlock Storage is the best storage provider in our area, and we work with customers from all over Derbyshire.

Our prices are amongst the lowest on today’s market, which means it’s more inclusive for anyone who needs storage. This is another reason why many people travel from all over the county to use our facilities. Moreover, our team are always available to pass on information about preparation before storage.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of using storage, please contact us today. We have the right self storage package to help you protect your belongings.