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Preparing Your Belongings for Storage: Part Two

May 24, 2021

Whenever someone contacts us about using self storage for the first time, they tend to ask similar questions. The main ones we discuss are the availability of storage units, cost, and each room’s size. However, there’s another question we think is just as important for anyone who plans on renting a storage unit. What sort of preparation is necessary before putting your items into storage?

At Matlock Storage, we make sure we inform people about how to get the most out of using storage. This includes tips on things like getting your belongings ready prior to storing them. In this blog, we’ll look at ways to prepare specific appliances and organise your storage room. And you’ll always have a member of our team close by to assist you when you store with us.

How to Defrost a Fridge-Freezer Before Storage –

One of the trickiest appliances to prepare before storage is a fridge-freezer or singular versions. Unlike a washing machine, it’s not as straightforward as removing the water source and draining. You’ll need to go through several steps to be completely sure it’s free of any ice or water. This will then keep the machine in good order and avoid bringing liquids into the storage unit.

Let’s begin by emptying the fridge-freezer of its contents. For now, concentrate on food items before the ice removal. Once everything is out of the way, unplug the freezer and move it away from the wall. Make sure someone helps you with this to avoid damage to the appliance or personal injury. Use old newspaper and towels to absorb the water as it melts.

There are various methods for removing the ice from your freezer. Some will speed up the process, but there’s the risk of damaging the seal or inner parts. We advise our customers to allow the ice to melt naturally, possibly with the assistance of a hairdryer and warm flannels if you need faster results. You can remove chunks of ice with a windshield scraper after you use a hot flannel.

Once there’s no ice left, clean the fridge-freezer, including the trays and shelves. Dry everything with another towel and check for any remaining water. You’re now ready to pack up and transport your machine to Matlock’s depot.

How to Organise Your Self Storage Unit –

For all your other appliances, give them a thorough clean and keep doors ajar when they’re in storage. You can use the space inside to store smaller objects. Drain all water from washing machines and dishwashers before putting them into your storage room. Ovens must be clean to avoid any mould forming and to make sure they stay in perfect condition. Clean garden equipment before storing and ensure lawnmower petrol tank is empty.

Seal every box entirely with packing tape to prevent any dust from entering. Purchase new, sturdy boxes and containers – and avoid old ones from the supermarket or corner shop. They might collapse and cause damage when in your storage room. Create an aisle down the middle of your storage room to give you access. Furthermore, you can add shelving to your storage room to create additional storage options.

Positioning is vital for accessing your items, especially if you might need to use them regularly. Try to leave things that you frequently need near the exit. Store items you’ll need most often at the front of your unit. A reminder to label all boxes clearly on several sides to avoid confusion. The last thing you’ll need to do is calculate the value of the goods you’re storing. Check-in with your insurance broker to confirm your coverage is up to date and valid for the purpose of using self storage.

Matlock Storage – Helping You Prepare for Storage in Matlock and Chesterfield –

Matlock Storage works with hundreds of people every week in Matlock, Chesterfield, and the surrounding areas. Their reasons for using storage range are always different, which is why we treat everyone on their individual specifications. Matlock is the best storage provider in our area, and we work with customers from all over Derbyshire.

Our prices are well below market rates, which means it’s more inclusive for anyone who needs self storage. Customer service is the highest priority for the Matlock team, and it’s for these reasons why people travel further to use our storage facilities. They often have local providers closer, but they know they’ll receive excellent service with us.

If you’d like to find out more about preparing items before using storage, please contact us today. We have the right self storage package to help you protect your belongings.