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Moving to Chesterfield & Using Self Storage

February 10, 2021

Chesterfield is an excellent place to live and you’ll find a large variety of properties available and there’s something for all budgets. With new property developments such as Heritage Green and Lime Tree Park, Chesterfield is attracting lots of interest from people looking to leave larger cities searching for a better quality of life.

While it’s not our town, Matlock Storage works with lots of people and businesses from Chesterfield. Due to our high standard of customer service, it’s a popular area for us, with many choosing Matlock over local storage providers. That’s why hundreds of people use us when moving into Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

Why Self Storage is Beneficial When Moving Home –

Self storage has numerous benefits for people and businesses who are in the process of relocating. For the preparation stages, using storage frees up a lot of space while you pack boxes and containers. By doing this, you can move the packed items out of your home completely, making the rest of the job much more straightforward. And you’ll be able to manoeuvre around your house or apartment without having to move furniture and boxes to other rooms.

Then there’s the additional security self storage offers which is sometimes overlooked. We all assume our property is safe from break-ins while we’re in the process of moving. Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves know that distractions are common during a relocation and use it to their advantage. Matlock has excellent security measures at our branch, and nothing goes in or out without us giving it the green light. Your possessions will be completely safe and secure in our self storage rooms.

Self storage often comes to the rescue for people who find themselves a victim of a delay in moving in. Relocations do have the potential for unforeseen delays, but this doesn’t help when you’re stranded with nowhere to keep your belongings. In this scenario, storage is the best solution, and the Matlock team can have to set-up with a unit straight away.

When you book with Matlock Storage, you’ll receive the highest standard in service delivery, as well as affordable prices. We do everything possible to be flexible, which includes the option of upgrading or downsizing your unit if your circumstances change. Our team will guide you through the process, so you don’t need to worry if this is your first time using self storage.

Create a Moving Checklist and Additional Storage Tips –

Moving to a new home is like a juggling act, except a lot less entertaining and no one claps if you get it right. It’s easy to lose focus when trying to balance your home and work life on top of organising the relocation. That’s why it’s essential to create a moving checklist to use as a central reference point. Here’s an example of one you can use.

In addition to using a moving checklist, it’s important to use a storage guide wherever possible. This will include top tips on preparing items for storage and how to arrange everything in your storage room or unit. Some of the suggestions will be invaluable and could prevent damage from occurring. Additionally, you’ll know how to maximise the spaces to get the most out of your self storage room.

Fortunately, our customers and followers can read this comprehensive storage guide here. By following the advice from our page, you’ll be able to prepare everything before it reaches your storage unit. And it’s possible to implement some simple ideas, like putting the things you use regularly closer to the entrance. It all adds up to a successful relocation and storage experience.

Matlock Storage – the Best Self Storage near Chesterfield –

Matlock Storage offers the best self storage services for people and businesses in Chesterfield. It’s one of our most popular customer locations, and we receive feedback from current customers who use us instead of nearby storage companies. This is all down to our commitment to customer service and our excellent staff. Even from your first call or email, you’ll notice how friendly and knowledgeable everyone at Matlock is.

Security is a top priority at Matlock Storage. We have twenty-four-hour CCTV coverage throughout our facility, in addition to RedCare alarm monitoring and police response. There is keypad access to each store unit, as well as internal lockable rooms. Our staff all have security training and are always vigilant to any security risks.

We have various special offers, seasonal discounts, and customer perks. You can read more about our Price Match Guarantee by clicking here or visiting our website. 

If you’re moving to Chesterfield, you’ll increase the chances of a successful relocation by using self storage. Please contact us today, and we’ll go through our storage options and pass on useful information about Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

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