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Making Space at Home in a Hurry – Emergency Self Storage in Derbyshire

April 6, 2020

Before we begin this blog, we want to update all our customers and followers on our operations during the COVID-19 period.

Matlock Storage is open and adhering to all guidelines and instructions from the government to do so in a safe way. The health and well-being of our staff and customers are of paramount importance to us, which is why we are operating slightly differently. We’ll explain this in more detail, in addition to providing some useful tips for staying safe.

Matlock Storage – Remote Reception Hours and 24/7 Security Monitoring –

At Matlock Storage, we’re aware of the issues surrounding COVID-19, and we’re keeping up to date with all developments. It’s causing disruptions to people and businesses around the UK, which understandably creates anxiety and stress. However, our customers don’t need to worry about any issues when it comes to using our storage facilities.

The Matlock team are taking measures to limit any physical contact during this period. Our reception area is working remotely, and we advise all customers to ensure any visits to their unit are only when necessary. We can go through all the paperwork prior by email, making the entire process contact-free.

The safety and security of your possessions is our number one priority. We will continue to monitor the facility and undertake regular inspections and ensure the facility is clean, dry and secure.

Using Self Storage in Emergency Situations –

Gaps in moving dates are something that crops up on many relocations and the Matlock team receive inquiries like this weekly. You’ll need somewhere secure for your possessions until everything resumes and you can rearrange your moving-in date. If you find yourself in this position, we’ll be able to provide a suitable package straight away.

If you run a GP surgery, an NHS facility or any other health-related business, please get in touch with us. You might be struggling for space for incoming PPE equipment and other items. Matlock Storage has a Document Storage package for companies with lots of paperwork and filing cabinets. Our self storage packages are ideal for moving furniture or equipment out of the way.

The reality that a lot of businesses now face is going on hiatus until the lockdown is over. If your company have valuable items, storage is the best option to avoid theft or damage. Unfortunately, while most of us band together in solidarity, some opportunists will target businesses with expensive equipment. Matlock’s storage rates will help you maintain your COVID-19 budget and safeguard your business’s essential tools and goods.

Cleaning and Preparing Items for Storage –

Here is a list we suggest you follow before packing your possessions for storage, with a particular emphasis on how to clean your items:

  • Clean everything thoroughly. It’s advisable to buy some Dettol or a similar disinfectant for this purpose. You can use a small canister to spray over the surfaces of each piece of furniture or appliance. Additionally, mould is transferrable and can spread to other items without contacting. So, clean everything and make sure they’re dry before packing for storage.
  • Buy new boxes or plastic containers. Used boxes from the corner shop or supermarket are usually damp or damaged. Buy some sturdy original boxes. Additionally, plastic containers are also an excellent way to protect your possessions.
  • Use extra packaging for fragile pieces. It will help if you take extra care with delicate items. Each box should have lots of packaging and remember to label the contents of each box.
  • Vacuum seal clothes. If you are keeping clothes in storage, you should invest in vacuum-sealing equipment. It eliminates air that can cause mould.
  • Don’t use plastic bags. The materials most carrier bags or bin-liners use can increase humidity which then causes moisture. That’s ideal conditions for mould and mildew to grow.

Other Tips for Staying Safe in Derbyshire –

The most important thing to remember above everything else is to take care of yourself and try to build up your immune system. Wherever possible, up your intake of fruit and veg, take multivitamins; specifically, vitamin c and zinc, do daily exercise and improve your sleeping habits. And this will sound boring, but it’s also a good idea to reduce alcohol and refined sugar for the next couple of months.

It’s essential to keep up with the latest updates and information on COVID-19, especially ones that are relevant to your local area. Moreover, you should only reshare information from credible sources that are factually correct. For practical advice on how to best avoid contracting the virus, you can check out the WHO and NHS sites.

Please keep up to date with advice on preventative measures, such as using face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, soap, and social distancing. You must try to keep a safe distance from other people if you have to leave your home. Furthermore, try and limit your outings to once a week and only for essential items.

Matlock Storage – The Best Self Storage in Matlock, Chesterfield and Derbyshire –

Whether you’re a business owner who needs secure document storage or a homeowner looking to free up space, Matlock has the right service for your needs. And by adapting how we operate, it’s possible to responsibly run our vital storage services for people in Matlock, Chesterfield and Derbyshire. Please contact us today, and we’ll go into