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How Self Storage Can Help Niche Collectors in Matlock and Chesterfield

June 25, 2019

For anyone who’s a collector in Matlock, Chesterfield or Derbyshire, you’ll no doubt understand the commitment it takes to build a collection. A lot of collectors fall into the niche category, which also makes it an expensive pastime where the products are valuable. That’s why it’s essential to look after each item and store them somewhere secure where damage and theft are less likely to occur.

One of the realities for most people, as they move through life, is that when extra room is needed, the collections are usually the first to go. We’ve all heard stories from older relatives where they see an old picture of a collection and have them recant the tale of its sale. If you’re trying to create more space at home, it might be better to consider using storage before you head over to eBay.

Safeguarding Your Collection with Self Storage –

It can sometimes take years, even a decade to put together a decent collection of things like vinyl or Warhammer figurines. However, if you’re struggling for space and you have a young family, it’s easy to see why people sell up. There is a better option – and that’s to store your collection with Matlock Storage. It’s an affordable way you can use to create more space at home and protect your belongings.

Storage is the perfect way to keep your possessions safe, especially if items in your collection are rare or possibly irreplaceable. If you are currently storing expensive electronic equipment in your loft or garage, you’re running the risk of issues with theft or damage.

Ultimately, houses aren’t made for storage purposes, meaning there is a potential for damage to occur. The typical house roofing can leak during heavy rain, even in newer properties. And while the water doesn’t always seep through, it can cause damp and rot, which can then damage your possessions.

Excellent Self Storage in Chesterfield and Matlock –

At Matlock Storage, our customers have the correct expectation that we will do everything we can to deliver the best service possible. Our team strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for every storage job we sign up for. That’s the sort of service we would want if we were looking to use a storage company. And for the Matlock Storage team, it’s precisely how we want to work.

Matlock Storage only employs experts in storage, and all have years of experience in the industry. It’s crucial that we have a high level of specialists working for us, as it makes our job much more manageable. We provide our team with all the right equipment and materials to undertake any storage job.

Don’t just take our word for it – our previous customers know and trust us to handle their belongings. So much so that many of them refer our services to their family and friends. There is nothing more satisfying than someone telling us that their friend recommended us. That’s also why we work with clients in Chesterfield, Bakewell and all over Derbyshire.

Matlock Storage – Providing Chesterfield, Matlock and Derbyshire with Unbeatable Storage Options –

Matlock Storage works with hundreds of customers from Matlock, Chesterfield and Bakewell every month. Additionally, we also have customers who use our storage facility from all over Derbyshire. Many of our customers travel to store with us, rather than use local storage providers. And that’s because of our high standards and friendly customer care.

The Matlock team believes in providing the best customer service for every client we work with. We have a range of storage packages and options to suit everyone’s storage needs. We’re also very flexible and can work with you to ensure you’re receiving the correct storage service for your requirements. It’s also easy to move into a larger or smaller storage unit.

At Matlock Storage, we always keep our prices as low as possible to help people keep their collections. There is nothing we like more than to provide a dependable service. Additionally, we understand that collectors work hard and dedicate a lot of time to their collections. And we have the right storage unit to keep you in the collection game for many years to come.

Matlock Storage is ideal for any collector in the Derbyshire area. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your storage needs.