Efficient Unpacking: Tips and Best Practices After Using Storage

The Matlock Storage team have discussed using storage in detail, including how to prepare clothing and other items beforehand. We do this to ensure that you get the most out of this service and that you don’t have any niggling questions or concerns. Additionally, we always promote best storage practices to protect your possessions.

However, there is one consideration we need to review – how do you deal with your belongings after you stop using storage? Luckily, we also have some industry-insider tips and tricks for this stage of the storage journey. We have hands-on organisation and planning hacks to help save time and reduce stress.

Unpacking from Storage After Moving Home

Let’s begin with a brief overview of typical reasons for unpacking after using storage. One of the more frequent scenarios is when someone uses self storage before relocation. Many people use storage to bridge gaps in moving dates or to stagger the move rather than doing it in one go. Therefore, we need to approach this with a basic strategy.

Unpacking Room by Room

Start with high-use areas: Unpack the kitchen and bathrooms first, as they are essential for immediate family use. You can also use the garage to keep empty boxes and containers out of the way.

Organise each room: Proceed to other rooms systematically, ensuring each is fully unpacked before moving on to the next. This is where a labelling and inventory system comes in handy – more on that soon.

Use storage containers: Household storage containers create organised, free-flowing living spaces. Wardrobes, under bed containers, and chests are wise ways to keep everything in place.

Handling Delicates and Valuables

There’s a science behind proper handling, packing and loading. In most cases, we recommend working with professional moving companies, especially for high-value or sentimental items, which we can arrange. However, we’ll provide some best practices to ensure you avoid unnecessary breakages.

Last in, first out: Ensure delicate and valuable items are the last to be loaded into the moving van and the first to be unpacked. This avoids collisions with larger, bulkier furniture and appliances during loading and transit.

Professional assistance: Professional removal services have numerous benefits, notably a higher standard of packing and handling skills. Matlock works with reputable moving partners and will arrange this for you.

Using a Home Inventory App and Labelling

Preparation Before Unpacking

We recommend downloading an app and starting to catalogue items with images. You can save and categorise items by room to facilitate easier unpacking. You can read our previous article about using home inventories here.

Effective Labelling Practices

Label boxes and containers: Ensure each box and container is labelled with its contents and the intended room.

Align with inventory information: Labels should correspond with the home inventory for seamless unpacking.

Share inventories: Here’s a bonus tip—share your home inventory. You can send it to your insurance broker to ensure your policy covers storage and moving services. Additionally, please send it to us and your removal provider when preparing for storage and before the big move.

Matlock Storage: Your Partner in Stress-Free Moving

While self storage offers the ultimate level of convenience and a multitude of benefits, all good things come to an end. When the time comes, you must have a plan for unpacking your storage unit. It will improve your moving and unpacking experience.

At Matlock, we encourage readers to follow our top storage tips, which are available on our website. We provide household and business storage packages that cover a range of needs, all at affordable prices. Moreover, our storage facilities have top-notch security measures to ensure your possessions are safe and secure.

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