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Effective Linen, Bedding and Blanket Storage Preparation

April 25, 2024

Storing bedding, including linen and blankets, can be surprisingly challenging. They take up a lot of space and are often squeezed into wardrobes or drawers, which leads to creases. More importantly, they’re open season for mould and moths, not to mention you’re unsure what set of bedding you’re using.

Luckily, there are better storage options for bedding. This blog will discuss the most suitable household and storage unit practices for storing bedding. Moreover, we’ll share Matlock Storage’s expert and trusted advice on general fabric storage, ensuring your linens and blankets are well-protected. Our self storage options allow you to rest easily, knowing your bedding is safe.

Household Storage of Bedding

While we typically suggest using self storage in most circumstances, our primary focus is helping everyone protect their belongings. This section will discuss the best way to store bedding, linens, and blankets to ensure they avoid damage.

Clear Storage Containers

Before discussing our top home storage choices, we should remind you that containers should be transparent. This is crucial, as it lets you quickly identify your items without opening each container. If you’re using a plastic container, avoid the colour option and use a clear material.

Storage Bags for Linens

If you’re happy storing your bedding in or above your wardrobe and other furniture, you should invest in some storage bags. They protect your fabrics from moisture by allowing room to breathe without allowing external air in.

Cedar Wood Chest

If you’re looking for a mix of decorative and functional furniture for your linen, you must investigate cedar wood. A cedar wood chest balances aesthetic charm and pest deterrence, as moths and other bugs detest the aroma of cedar.

Ottoman with Storage

While discussing fashion and function, there’s no better example than an ottoman. These classical pieces of furniture are both stylish and highly functional. You can literally take a seat on your storage chest.

Underbed Storage Containers

Finally, let’s discuss optimal space use with under-bed storage containers. This will only apply to beds with a leg frame – solid beds often come with storage. The main point is to ensure the dimensions suit the space under your bed. Also, remember to buy ones made of clear plastic.

Tips for Preparing Bedding for Self Storage

Back to our speciality—using self storage to protect your possessions. While some people want the convenience of keeping clothes and linen at home, others run out of space. Additionally, there’s a case for rotating seasonal linen to match the temperature without buying new continuously.

For those choosing the option, we’ll cover the basics of preparing fabrics for storage. Please note this is important to avoid any issues with mould.

Folding vs. Rolling

Most of us fold linen and bedding, but is this the best option? We’re going to suggest you roll your fabrics instead of folding them for two reasons:

  1. Space – rolled linen takes up less room, meaning you can utilise space for storage.
  2. Creases – folding causes a crease in the materials, whereas rolling doesn’t.

The additional space speaks for itself, but avoiding creasing is for more than just your ironing enthusiasts. Folding causes minimal fraying of fabric, which doesn’t cause issues immediately but compounds over time. Therefore, rolling also helps you protect your linen for long-term usage.

Location Matters

This all depends on who you choose to store with. Matlock Storage has temperature controls, which eliminates issues with overheating and dampness. However, the elements will seep in if you’re using external garage-type storage. You should evaluate the storage room and avoid storing your fabrics in damper areas.

This is why we suggest shopping around and asking specific questions before choosing a storage company. You might save a few quid with a cheaper storage provider only to realise your items aren’t safe from damage.

Further Tips for Preparation

Matlock Storage has a wealth of free tips and information in our blog section. You can read our previous article on preparing items for storage here.

Matlock Storage – Helping You Preserve Bedding

Let’s do a final recap of the key points when storing bedding, linen, and blankets:

  1. Ensure everything is clean and dry before storing.
  2. Use clear containers wherever possible.
  3. Add special storage bags where fabrics can breathe.
  4. Consider furniture that combines style and function.
  5. Self storage offers the best protection for fabrics.
  6. Choose storage providers based on temperature-controlled units.

Matlock Storage offers affordable household and business storage options. We aim to provide the highest standard of storage delivery for reasonable prices. We offer a Move-In Van service so please get in touch with us to see if you qualify.

With our robust security measures and unbeatable storage packages, your linen and other fabrics are safe and secure with us.

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