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E-commerce – Using Self Storage to Start a New Venture in Derbyshire

June 20, 2022

E-commerce is one of the most popular up-and-coming sectors in modern business, and savvy entrepreneurs in Derbyshire are jumping in with two feet. One of the key aspects of this is the possibility of fast returns. If you are naturally organised and can work out your niche within the e-commerce industry, you can quickly have a cash flow that starts to repay your initial investment.

There’s less face-to-face interaction needed to gain sales – a lot of e-commerce advertising and marketing is web-based. This means you don’t have to undertake lengthy meetings and negotiations to get your start-up underway. The barriers to starting a new venture have never been easier to avoid, so let’s look in more detail at this exciting industry.

Find an Affordable Workspace with Additional Benefits –

Any new business needs to operate on a well-disciplined budget, even if you’ve done the legwork and have a decent amount of capital for investment. You need to retain as much of that invested capital as possible to allow for growth if you need to purchase a lot of stock to sell, and you will have periods where your cash flow from buying stock items to selling and receiving payment spans more than one – two months.

The first twelve to twenty-four months of your start-up is a turbulent period, and many SMEs find themselves in and out of business within the period, which is down to unmanageable overheads. That means that your primary goal is to survive this period, and if you break even and you’ve managed to pay yourself a modest salary, you’re already winning the new business battle.

You need a base of operations, and rather than discussing the pros and cons of basing your company out of your home, at Matlock Storage, we have a much better solution that will suit your e-commerce business’s needs.

Advantages of Using Self Storage for E-Commerce –

By renting a self storage unit from Matlock Storage, you will create a space to store your products. You can catalogue and send out your customer’s orders directly from your storage room. Additionally, it’s possible to use our reception to receive and send items out. We’ll assist if you need shelving for your goods and materials, and we can help organise your storage unit with an inventory.  Similarly, we can help load or offload items for you.

There’s also an option to have lighting and electricity in your self storage unit. This makes it possible for you to have a small office. Moreover, if you need to expand, rent out two units, and have one as a stockroom and a separate office. Wi-Fi is available in our facilities and everything you’ll need for admin purposes.

And best of all – you can rent a self storage unit from Matlock Storage to suit your needs. Our affordable rates help keep your overheads to a minimum. You can then enjoy a viable workspace that will separate your work and family life.

Matlock Storage – Derbyshire’s Number One Business Storage Provider –

We often ask our customers for feedback on what we do well. They reply and tell us they appreciate that we understand their needs and requirements. Furthermore, listening and working with our customers leads to specific self storage packages that span a range of needs.

We want to provide a service we would expect to receive. By constantly working with our customers and perfecting our range of services, you’ll receive the best customer service. This is possible because we promote regular discounts, a Price Match Guarantee, and a Free Move-In Van service.

The Matlock Storage teams understand that putting our customers first leads to the best results for us. Click here to begin an online quote or contact us directly to discuss self storage tailor-made to your requirements.