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Decluttering Your Home and Recycling in Chesterfield, Matlock and Bakewell

November 6, 2019

Although on appearance we keep our homes tidy, decluttering is something everyone can benefit from doing at least once a year. However, for anyone who neglects this might have a significant task on their hands. Moreover, it might take a while to sort out. The best way to approach this is to be brave and avoid delay by starting to remove items you no longer use today.

Decluttering might seem straightforward enough. We’re getting rid of things that we don’t need anymore. However, what if we also want to avoid binning everything? As a society, we’re now more aware of where our rubbish ends up, and many of us want to avoid this. That’s why the Matlock Storage team has made this quick guide on how to declutter your home sustainably.

How to Declutter Your Home Quickly –

Set a deadline – yes, this sounds daft but setting a timeline can help to drive progress. Give yourself no more than one week to start and complete the decluttering job to save yourself lots of hours of procrastination.

Home inventory appdownload one now and start getting used to its features. A good home inventory app can save you lots of time when you need to locate an item. It splits everything per room with images of each item. A perfect solution for insurance submissions and claims and there are plenty of free apps available.

Set room goals – what’s the reason for decluttering your home? Maybe you wanted to use the spare room for a guest, and the car should be in the garage, not on the drive. It’s a good idea to remember this when you’re in the middle of a sea of containers in your loft. Have a plan for each room to help keep focus.

Be brave – don’t be tempted to start putting little ‘maybe’ piles to the side. Be brave, be bold, and be prepared to get rid. If you’re guilty of being a hoarder, then it’s a good idea to get someone to help you maintain your clutter due diligence when you start to regress into your old cluttered ways.

Eco-Friendly Options for Decluttering –

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – When it comes to sustainable decluttering, we need to remember the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Start by going through each room and putting aside clothes, toys and other items. Donate anything that’s still in good condition to local charities or for upcycle companies.

Improve Daily Habits – The best way to move towards sustainable decluttering is to change the way we do things. Before you buy something, think about its impact beyond after you use it. And if possible, avoid buying items that are difficult to recycle or reuse.

Junk Collector – There are junk collectors in most communities that actively look for old appliances. They strip old washing machines and electronic goods down and sell the metal and electronic components back to recycling companies.

Prevent Clutter – The most sustainable way to declutter is to avoid creating clutter in the first place. Buy and use reusable bags when you shop at the supermarket. If you’re shopping online, many sites offer sustainable packaging which has no plastic and consists of recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Matlock Storage – Self Storage to Help When Decluttering –

The Matlock Storage team are proud to work for Derbyshire’s favourite storage provider. Our storage facility in Matlock has many customers from surrounding areas like Chesterfield and Bakewell. And this is because of our excellent level of customer service and storage options available.

At Matlock Storage, we always keep our prices as low as possible to make sure everyone can afford storage. From as little as a fiver a week, you can rent a storage room with us. We have become a company that people recommend to their family and friends.

Decluttering is something that can help us create space at home. And if we’re able to do so in an eco-friendly way, it will also help our carbon footprint. And let’s not forget, by doing our part to help the environment, we can inspire others to join us.

If you’re about to undertake some sustainable decluttering, please feel free to contact us today. We’ll go through our storage services to help you create more space at home.