Commercial Storage

Business Storage for Events Organisers in Derbyshire

February 15, 2022

Now that more live events are happening as we gradually return to normal, it’s a busy time for event’s organisers in the UK. It’s an industry that relies heavily on deadlines and organisation, hence the name. And it’s not one for the faint of heart – a true aptitude for completing tasks on time is an essential skill for this profession. There’s also an irregular pattern and often gaps between larger jobs in between.

To keep costs low, it’s sometimes tricky to have work premises because of rental fees and other expenses that pile up. Business rates on top of that often price smaller operators out of this provision. The problem is that this is the type of sector where storage space is crucial. That’s why Matlock has always had event’s organisers as customers – we’ll discuss how we provide affordable workspace options.

The Benefits of Self Storage for Event’s Organisers – 

Anyone who works within hospitality knows that it can be sporadic. You might have several events to run in proximity or at the same time before you experience quieter periods. Then you might wait several weeks or months between jobs. This means you need to consider your overheads before taking on too much. The likelihood is you’re paying for a commercial workspace that’s not always in use.

That’s where self storage can help your business. Are you sick of contracts that don’t offer any wiggle room? Excellent – Matlock Storage avoids this approach. It’s a store on your terms arrangement with no minimum storage contract or lease. You’ll have a dedicated place for your equipment and somewhere to sort out your admin tasks.

Then it’s worth comparing the costs per square metre of space, and you’ll notice that self storage is considerably more affordable than the commercial rental equivalent. Matlock Storage has thirty storage unit sizes to choose from, starting with 10-sq-ft lockers up to 1000-sq-ft rooms. That should be ample room for any event’s organiser’s tools and other items.

Top-Notch Security and Affordable Rates – 

Next, we’ll look at two crucial factors from which any events company or sole proprietor will benefit. Security is something every business customer discuss with us as a priority. While it’s tempting to store things at home to reduce costs, it causes space issues. Not only that – most homes can’t protect adequately from theft or damage, even with modern alarm systems.

Matlock offers a comprehensive set of security measures that you won’t be able to match in your house. That includes CCTV running 24/7 and covering every part of our branch. Each storage unit has an individual keypad locking system, and our RedCare alarms directly link to the police. Furthermore, we provide our staff with security and vigilance training.

Then you can enjoy the advantages of saving money in comparison to commercial rental. Not only that but we also have the best rates on the market. There are regular discounts and a price match guarantee to improve the financial side of things further. You stand to save money and have a dedicated to store your materials and tools, with a separate area for a desk and computer.

Matlock Storage – Unbeatable Business Storage in Derbyshire –

When you start working with Matlock, you’ll notice the benefits instantly. You can access your storage room at any time during business hours and with no limits to how often you visit. There’s free parking and Wi-Fi available, and you can enjoy a tea or coffee in between loading and unpacking. And we have a range of storage options and units for you to choose from.

Then there’s one final financial aspect to cover for the event’s organisers. Most companies will experience issues with rising rental costs, but business rates have been a critical problem. There are none when you use storage, and we don’t hide fees or lump in services. You pay what’s on the quote and nothing more, with no hidden fees to worry about.

You can use our online quote system or click here to speak to us directly. We’ll provide you with a free quotation with no pressure to book.