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Alternative Uses for Storage – Home Gym Workout

August 16, 2021

Personal improvement isn’t a new thing and has been a prominent part of modern society for several decades. That said, the prevalence of attaining better results and the link between technology advancements make it more compatible nowadays. The lockdowns saw extensive periods where gym-goers were unable to fulfil their daily or weekly routines. Because of this, it wasn’t easy to maintain a fitness regime in the same manner.

Now that gyms and similar places are opening up, it’s less of an issue now and will likely see more of us heading back to work out or train. However, not everyone will be rushing back to shared spaces as quickly. Some may already be using a home gym and are happy to continue avoiding the battle for the most popular machines. This blog will look at an alternative way to do this in a storage unit or from your house.

How to Set-Up an Alternative Gym –

The first thing is to double-check with your storage provider if they allow things like personal gyms in a storage unit. Every company has different terms and conditions, and it’s worth checking this before your next move. Not everyone allows for broader use of storage rooms or units for other purposes. So, start things off with honesty and go from there. If you’re not a current storage user, ask several providers for feedback before booking with them.

Matlock Storage will allow it, but we expect our customers to be careful when using their equipment. So, let’s now consider the practical steps of how you’ll assemble this mini gym. First thing’s first – what equipment would you like to work out with? You’ll need to know the dimensions of each piece of equipment to make sure they fit into your unit comfortably.

It might be a good idea to keep things simple at first and limit what you’re using. Our suggestion is to have no more than one or two cardio machines max. A simple bench press with a decent variety of weights should suffice. Then some other basic resistance bands, a skipping rope and similar products will make up the rest.

You won’t be able to recreate the same gym experience in a storage unit, but the same logic applies to the home. However, you can’t be the privacy that goes without the crowds of sweaty people lining up for the next Pilates class. Furthermore, this is the ideal solution if you don’t have space in your house or flat. And if you’re shielding due to Covid issues, you don’t have to stop exercising.

Clearing Space for a Gym at Home with Storage –

Now let’s look at this from another, possibly more traditional angle. You might not want to go with the storage unit gym option for several reasons. But it’s feasible to have one in your own house or apartment, even if you’re working with limited space. There’s a couple of things to sort out first to see whether it’s going to work.

Unless you live in a large property and have a significantly sized garage, you’ll likely have some spacing issues. The best candidate room-wise is your garage or spare room if you’re converting the room, with an outside possibility of an outdoor shed. You’ll still need to clear an area to house your gym gear and equipment. And self storage offers this if you use it in the traditional function.

By doing this, you’ll have enough space for a home workout set-up that meets your needs. Then you can access your unit whenever you need to during opening hours. It’s also a good idea to create a home inventory of everything before sending them to storage. You’ll find it’s more straightforward to know where everything is without the hassle of going to your storage unit.

Matlock Storage – Innovative Ideas for Self Storage –

Exercise is essential for well-being and overall fitness levels, and it’s something a lot of people worry about due to the pandemic and struggling to keep fit. Additionally, improving immune response is a high priority now, and losing weight is often on the to-do list. Similarly, not everyone enjoys the gym setting, and a different option is always handy.

At Matlock Storage, we’re happy to encourage people to think of unconventional ways of using storage. If you have an idea for a storage unit, run it past us, and we’ll see if it complies with our terms and conditions. There are some activities we can’t allow due to things like restricted items. But any that don’t go against our terms, we’ll entertain and see how we can accommodate it.

Matlock offers the best storage rates in the local area and excellent customer service. Click here to request a free quote or contact us directly to discuss our range of services. You won’t find better storage facilities in Matlock or the surrounding areas.