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Alternate Office Space In Derbyshire, Chesterfield and Matlock

June 15, 2021

Due to the changing nature of business, there’s a lot more people working remotely or starting companies in Derbyshire now. Many are looking at their career options and coming to realisation it’s feasible to try something new. Office rental space can be expensive, which stifles ambitions for those who are priced out of the market. Are there cheaper options for new business owners who want a dedicated place to work from?

Matlock works with several online entrepreneurs and start-ups for their storage needs. We provide affordable services, which has a broad scope for how you use them. It’s perfectly possible to repurpose a self storage rooms as an alternative office or workspace, and we make sure our units have everything necessary to run a company. We’ll use this article to elaborate on this in more detail, giving you information on the practical side of creating an online business.

Using a Self Storage Unit as an Alternative Office –

When you think of self storage, the first image might be dusty old boxes and furniture in a lockup that rarely sees the light of day. However, the industry has undergone a rebirth of sorts when it comes to imaginative usage. Many entrepreneurs and businesses now take the empty storage rooms and adapt them into offices. This has brought about an entirely innovative way for start-ups and SMEs to rent workspaces.

At Matlock Storage, we’re big fans of progress and have several sole proprietors and companies work out of our storage units. They range in business sectors, from local artists to e-commerce traders and many more. Self storage is a flexible service that lends itself to numerous applications. You can even rent more than one storage room if you’re scaling up and want to keep costs on budget.

This is the beauty of using self storage as an alternative office, studio, or workspace. The cost per square metre is considerably cheaper than a commercial rental. In a previous blog, we discuss how creatives can utilise this. Any number of different professionals can apply the same tactics, all in favour of saving you money and allowing anyone to start a new business venture.

How to Set Up an Office at Home Using Storage –

Another option is to create a home office and use it as your base of operations to reduce any rental costs. Tens of thousands of people work remotely, and it’s set to continue being popular, even as offices and workplaces reopen. The lockdown made it necessary to do this, and thousands of businesses were able to continue trading because of it. The reason many people want the option left on the table is the additional flexible work routine.

You can exercise the same process for a new business venture while getting rid of the need to rent a commercial or office space. All it takes is some office furniture, IT equipment and an internet connection. While this is often better with a room conversion, it’s out of reach for most people who have a limit to their available rooms. A simple divider in the home will suffice to block out distractions.

If you plan to convert a room, storage will help create space as you undertake the task. Plus, you’ll open up more room inside of your house or apartment, whichever route you choose. This is handy for those living in smaller properties, and it reduces issues with cramped living spaces. You’ll have more room to work, as well as separate your home life.

Matlock Storage – New Ideas for a Changing Workforce in Matlock and Chesterfield –

At Matlock Storage, we’re always keen to see where the next innovation will come from. We like to consider ourselves ahead of the curve when working with local businesses. For us, alternative office space in storage units makes perfect sense. A more affordable option allows anyone the chance of starting a business, which we fully champion.

We have regular discounts and seasonal offers to keep our storage prices as low as possible. There’s a free move-in van to move things to the storage room, which is handy if you don’t have a vehicle. It’s ideal for business and household storage, and we have specific packages available for both purposes. You’ll soon be on your way to running a prosperous start-up with your own dedicated workspace.

For a free quote for using our Business Storage service – click here, and we’ll go into more details about our storage packages.