Frequently Asked

General storage:

What size will I need?

Have a look at our size guide, which will give you an idea of the space you may need. We recommend contacting reception, where our storage experts will help you more accurately assess your needs. Most people think they need more space than they actually do!

What if I need a different size room?

We can help you upsize or downsize your room at any time, without penalty.

How will I get my stuff to you?

Allow us to recommend a local remover/van hire, or make your own arrangements. We are happy to get involved at any stage in the process.

How do I rent a storage room?

Two easy steps to claim your storage space:

  1. Make a reservation.  You can do this online, over the phone by calling 01629 56655
  1. or in person at our reception.
  2. Complete the simple storage agreement; provide us with the necessary ID and Move IN!

Do I need a reservation?

No. You can just turn up, and subject to availability, move in.  However. We strongly recommend you make a no risk reservation.  Should your circumstances change and you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, you will not incur a charge.

What will I need to rent a room?

Two forms of ID, one with a picture (typically driver’s licence or passport) and a credit/debit card.

Your first month’s payment.

Bank details for Direct Debit.

A lock to secure your room. You can buy one at reception.

What can I store?

Practically anything that’s not inflammable, explosive, perishable or illegal.  If in doubt, please call reception.

Are there any hidden charges

No. Rates, electricity, site maintenance, security etc. are all included.

All you need is insurance and a padlock.

Are my stored items insured?

You are responsible for the items you store with us and insurance is mandatory. Your existing home or business policy may already provide cover. Alternatively, we offer flexible, self-storage specific insurance at very competitive prices.

How do I pay?

On going charges are usually paid by direct debit.

We can accept credit/debit cards, cash or cheques.  We are unable to accept cash for the initial payment.

When can I get access to my goods?

Access is free and unlimited during office hours.

How do I move out?

The move out process is very simple. Just let us know your leaving and empty your room. We will close your account that day.

How do I rent a storage room?

Call 01629 56655

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