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A Guide to Packing Odd-Shaped Items

May 15, 2024

Packing odd-shaped items presents a significant challenge for both seasoned movers and novices. Their irregular dimensions and unconventional forms make them difficult to pack efficiently and securely. Without proper packing techniques, there’s a high risk of damage during transportation or storage, leading to potential financial loss and emotional frustration.

Fortunately, some practical solutions and strategies can simplify the packing process for odd-shaped items. By implementing these tips and techniques, you can overcome the challenges of packing irregularly shaped belongings. This guide will delve into essential packing supplies, specialised techniques for different items, and the benefits of using self-storage facilities like Matlock Storage for secure and convenient storage solutions.

Source Quality Packing Supplies

Whether packing for a big move or preparing for storage, your chances hinge on using quality materials. If you use some second-hand boxes from the corner shop, you could be in for a surprise—and not the good kind.

Don’t take chances—the primary aim is to safeguard your possessions. So, it’s best to use packing boxes that accommodate odd-shaped items. Otherwise, you’ll need to adapt several to fit around the object.

This is where bubble wrap and padding become close allies. You can cut sizes to match the dimensions of your furniture, device, or ornament to ensure items’ protection and effortless organisation.

Matlock has our online and in-depot materials store – read more here for package and price information.

How to Pack Larger Items

Scale matters when dealing with oversized, bulky furniture, and wrapping bigger items like tables or couches can be daunting. That’s why we work closely with our storage and removal customers. It takes time-served knowledge to avoid breakages and injuries; we’ve seen and heard of our fair share of both.

Practical advice is always to tackle significantly large items with at least two people. You can lose control of a settee within the blink of an eye, which can collide with a wall and dent it. Have a handling partner there to lift and secure items.

Larger items should be placed lower for convenience and to avoid movement while in transit. You can then stack smaller objects on top while securing them with ropes, belts, and buckle straps.

Disassembling Irregularly Shaped Items

We recommend disassembling furniture before packing or moving them for two reasons:

  1. Disassembling items like office chairs and lamps for easier transport.
  2. It prevents unnecessary damage to any moving or protruding parts.

You must take notes for reassembly and keep any screws and bolts in a Ziplock bag. Look for the original manual or download one from the manufacturer’s website.

Protecting Fragile Items

One double issue some people deal with is uniquely shaped furniture or ornaments that are also fragile. Yes, this is the double-whammy no one knows how to deal with – one that can even stump experienced movers.

Luckily, the method for handling them is the same as for any delicate item. You apply more padding to glass and antiques to prevent damage during transit or loading. Individual pieces, like vases, go into separate smaller boxes wherever possible, with packing peanuts or paper acting as buffers.

Use moving blankets between the larger boxes to dampen any collisions. Additionally, ensure all furniture and appliances are at the opposite end of the moving van. This is another reason to work with professional storage and moving providers – we can handle the former and arrange the latter for you.

Packing Before Storage

We recommend preparing your belongings before similarly using storage for relocation scenarios. You’ll use the same packing tips to ensure secure, well-packaged boxes. Remember to label all boxes and containers to note what’s inside. This makes retrieval much more straightforward.

Matlock Storage has a range of storage packages available to suit all budgets and requirements, including business storage. This is a reminder that you can purchase all the packing materials directly from us, guaranteeing industry-standard quality.

Matlock Storage – Protecting Your Belongings

Packing might seem easy, but getting it right is akin to an art form or trade. Our experienced staff has decades of expertise, so handling and packing are second nature. We hope you now feel more confident when dealing with unusual objects.

Always check out prospective storage companies via Google and check if they have accreditation before booking. If you need more information on related topics, browse our news and FAQ sections. They’re full of free resources and tips for storage and related topics.

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